Celebrating the Marriage of Natasha + Jamall on New Year’s Eve

Pure Platinum Party provided Natasha and Jamall our Award Winning Photography and Cinematography for their New Year’s Eve Wedding!  The couple opted for pre-ceremony pictures at the beautiful Radisson Hotel in New Rochelle, NY. They had an afternoon filled with pictures of family and friends at Neptune Park in New Rochelle, NY. Their ceremony took place at the gorgeous St. John Chrysostom Church in the Bronx, NY. Built of orange brick with stone trim, the twin towered church opened in the 1900’s. Natasha and Jamall shared a late evening of dancing and celebrating the New Year (and their marriage!) with their family and friends close by. 

Natasha and Jamall met in 2014, on a warm August evening, the universe aligned for a beautiful Bronx girl and a handsome Brooklyn boy. They said they didn’t know their lives would be changed for the better… forever.  They were both giving life a chance, each not knowing what the future would hold after this day. Each not knowing if they had made the right decision. Once the date started, it became clear things would be different for them. Today, because of the decision they made 7 years ago, they have truly found the key things they need in life to love one another endlessly.

Jamall and Natasha met in Union Square and went on, possibly, the longest first date ever.  They went on a journey throughout Manhattan. Exploring different places and things of each other’s interests from Brother Jimmy’s, took a stroll through Forbidden Planet, went to a random bookstore and had fun walking around Washington Square Park and through the East Village. They laughed with one another and learned about each other. Natasha discovered Jamall had a chivalrous side and he was quiet. Jamall discovered Natasha was kind and she was outspoken. They have been inseparable ever since. That day they fell in love.

We wish Natasha + Jamall a lifetime of love and happiness as they begin 2021 as Mr. and Mrs. Dixon.

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  1. Natasha Dixon Reply

    Beautiful!!! Thank you Pure Platinum Party for your services. Roamy and Kevin were amazing!

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