“Shaadi Ki Badhai” – Happy Wedding

We love mixing the art of culture with the love of weddings to create a beautiful one of a kind wedding day for you! Pure Platinum Party is proud to offer award winning entertainment, photography, videography and flower services for your wedding day.

If you are attending an Indian wedding this bridal season, take a look at some traditions to expect below.

Jai Mala – This is the part of the ceremony during which the bride and groom exchange floral garlands. This expresses the desire of the couple to marry each other. (brides.com)

The Bride Wears a Red Dress – The bride’s garments will also be red. In Indian culture, red symbolizes the rising sun, prosperity and fertility. (brides.com)

Mehendi Ceremony – Henna is used to apply intricate designs to the bride’s hands and feet. The mehndi ceremony usually takes place one day before the marriage will be held, as the application can take hours. (brides.com)

The Baraat – Groom’s procession. The groom arrives to the ceremony on a decorated white horse. Guests dance around him to the beat of a dhol, an Indian drum. After that, the bride and her family greet the groom, and the couple exchanges floral garlands to wear around their necks to symbolize their acceptance of each other. (theknot.com)

For the ceremony, the priest, groom, bride and bride’s parents sit beneath a mandap, a canopy similar to a Jewish chuppah. The ceremony starts off with the kanya daan, in which the bride’s parents give her away. Then the couple joins hands and circles around a small, enclosed fire (the agni) in a ritual called the mangal phera. (theknot.com)

The Saptapadi – Seven Steps, as they vow to support each other and live happily together. Finally, the groom will apply a red powder to the center of the bride’s forehead and tie a black beaded necklace around her neck, symbolizing she’s now a married woman. (theknot.com)

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